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Question 11

Can a father in this Group please tell me if there is a Saint Demitrius Lekka as my mum saw him during the time I was in hospital with my first transplant.     


Answer to Question 11


The Orthodox church does not canonize saints like the Roman Catholic church, which insists on at least three miracles to have taken place after the death of the supposed saint.  In Orthodoxy the people are the first to recognize someone as a saint and the Church Synod, after examining the life and miracles surrounding the person, comes along later and officially recognises the saint. An example is the Great Elder Paisios. A great many people regarded the late blessed Paisius of Mount Athos as a modern day saint. His fame and veneration persisted and grew with time that the Church examining and agreeing with the popular veneration could find nothing in his life other than holiness and officially recognized him and place him among the ranks of saints of the Orthodox Church.  With the doctor Demetrios Lekkas, there seems to be some discrepancy on how his fame began. His recognition as a saint was first called for by his mother who even paid people to help get his name recognized. I havenít been able to find any church discussions concerning the man, but that doesnít mean that the church is not keeping an eye on peopleís testimonies concerning miracles associated with his name. In many cases the Church does not rush in to proclaim a saint, but letís time reveal if the person has been glorified by God. This can be many decades as in the case of St. Nectarios who died in 1920 but was officially recognized by the church in 1961, 41 years after his repose.  If God has glorified him then he will also reveal him to the church as one of his saints. Let us be patient and not rush in to do Godís work.