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The prayer for the blessing of the Basilopitta (New Year cake) can be said in any place and not necessarily only on New Year's Day. In Church, it can be said after the "Behind the pulpit prayer" on New Year's Day or on its own after the Dismissal. If  it is the usual practice of the parish to have a communal breakfast or lunch after the Liturgy then it is preferable to be said there. In Greece and Cyprus, Priests are invited by various institutions, charity organizations, schools, government offices, religious groups etc, to bless and cut the Basilopitta at functions and gatherings held to celebrate the New Year. These are not all held on the one day, but throughout January.


After the “Behind the Pulpit Prayer”  or after the Dismisal The Priest shall say:  

Let us pray unto the Lord.

O Creator of all things, Lord and King of the ages, plenteous in mercy and bountiful in goodness, who didst accept the Magi’s gifts in Bethlehem, who art the Bread of life that came down from heaven, who by Thine authority didst establish the seasons and the years and dost hold our life in Thy hands . Hear us who pray to Thee on this holy day upon our entrance into the new year of Thy goodness and bless (+) this cake, which has been offered to Thy glory and in honour of our Father among the Saints Basil the Great, Archbishop of Caesarea in Cappadocia.
Do Thou who art Benevolent, look down from Thy holy heaven and send down upon us, upon those who have offered these gifts and upon them that partake thereof, Thine heavenly gifts, for our hope is in Thee, the living God, unto the ages.
(If the Priest has been invited to bless the Basilopitta at a special function then he shall continue with the following, otherwise he shall finish the prayer saying: Through the intercessions of Thy… see below.)
Bless this Institution (home, school, foundation, etc) and our entrances and exits; replenish our life with all good things and direct our footsteps that we may keep Thy divine commandments, for man shall not live by bread alone.
Through the intercessions of Thy Most pure Mother, of our Father among the saints Basil the Great and all Thy saints who from all ages have been well pleasing to Thee. Amen.