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The ordination is made out of the Sanctuary as follows:

The candidate Priest is held by two Deacons or a Priest and Deacon and led to the middle of the Church [or Solea]  facing the Bishop's throne. The Deacon shall then exclaim:

DEACON: The servant of God the reverent Priest [Name] is offered to be appointed as an Economos.


Give the Command.

Command Holy Master, him who is offered to thee.

The candidate is then brought before the Bishop's throne with his head bowed.

The Metropolitan will then say:

Our humbleness, through the grace of the all holy and consummating Spirit, appoints thee as Economos of our Metropolis.

The Bishop then blesses him upon his head and says nought else.

If the Bishop so desires he may also say this prayer while laying his hand upon his head.

O Lord our God, who in wisdom didst provide for all things and through the dispensation of thine incarnation didst labour for our salvation, who as master didst praise the wise steward for his good management, do thou also bless this thy servant (name) as an Economos and strengthen and increase him that he may manage with faith and wisdom and in a way pleasing to thee the things pertaining to the Church and monies, just as thou didst create and as thou didst serve, that he may be accounted worthy of the joy received by the good and faithful servants of the talents, and escape the flight of shame and the judgement of the slothful and wicked servant who hid the talent in the earth. By the prayers and intercessions of our Most-blessed Lady Mother of God, of the holy and all-glorious Apostle and valiant Martyr Barnabas, and of all thy saints.

For blessed and glorified be Thy most honourable and majestic Name, of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit, now and for ever: world without end. Amen.