Download The Book of the Holy Gospel

 in Microsoft Word Doc. Format.


The files have been formatted to be printed on A4 paper which can then be taken to a good Bookbinder for binding into a hardback.


Front Cover   File Size 1.06MB   

Back Cover    File Size 220KB   

Preface and Table of Gospels  File Size 128KB   

The Gospel according to St. John  File Size 533KB   

The Gospel according to St. Matthew   File Size 362KB   

The Gospel according to St. Luke  File Size 810KB  

The Gospel according to St. Mark and Holy Week  File Size 704KB  

The Sunday Morning Resurrection Gospels  File Size 49.5KB   

Gospels for the Immovable Feasts  File Size 504KB   

Gospels for the Various Ranks of Saints   File Size 48KB   

Gospels for Various Occasions    File Size  79KB  

Date of Pascha [New and Old Calendar]   File Size 58KB