Download The Book of the Apostle

 in Microsoft Word Doc. Format.


The files have been formatted to be printed on A4 paper which can then be taken to a good Bookbinder for binding into a hardback.  To make the complete Book you will need to download:

The Complete Apostle file

The Front Cover file [Optional and not needed if having the book bound in hardback]

The Fly leaf page file [Optional]

Table of Apostles


If you prefer to download the Apostle files separately you will need to re-format the page numberings when putting the Book together for printing.


The Complete Book of the Apostle   File Size 1.53MB   

Front Cover   File Size 1.49MB   

Inner Page [Fly leaf] File Size 136KB   

Table of Apostles File Size 104KB   

The Prokhimena and Alleluia File Size 43KB  

The Acts of the Apostles  File Size 206KB   

First Period File Size 161KB   

Second Period  File Size 131KB  

Third Period   File Size 114KB   

Fourth Period  File Size 133KB   

Fifth Period  File Size 112KB   

Apostles for the Immovable Feasts   File Size 622KB   

Apostles for Various Occasions    File Size  58.5KB