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Question 98

I know this isn't really a religious question, but why do you think that Greek Cypriots are so hot headed and passionate, also some can be quite disrespectful, most of us have been bought up in Christian homes and are aware of gods ways even if they do not study the bible ,as a man of god what do you think?


Answer to Question 98


Maybe it's something in our DNA but being passionate about certain subjects is not a bad thing, it shows that these subjects are important to us. The problem is that people do not know all the details and have a kafenion type of mentality where they believe that what they say is always right. Also many people lack the art of having a civilized discussion. What it boils down to is a lack of social skills and education. They know in their minds what they want to say but lack the skill to say it or write it down without sounding disrespectful of other people's opinions. It's also an EGO thing. They don't know how to be humble and accept that their opinion might be wrong. Humility is a christian virtue which many people lack because the spirit of this world teaches people to stand proud. Pride is what causes arguments because it is self centred. Pride is the hardest vice to overcome. It is the mother of all vices and the original sin. It was pride that brought down Lucifer and his angelic order. It was pride that brought about Adam’s exile from Paradise. That was why Christ clothed himself with humility to reopen the gates of Paradise.The fathers say that whoever clothes himself with the garment of humility clothes himself with Christ. Humility is a martyrdom, it is the way of the Cross and as followers of Christ we are asked to follow in his footsteps as Christ said ‘Learn from me for I am meek and humble in heart’.