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Question 92

Afternoon father, I have a question, if someone is too sick to go anywhere would the church forgive them for not attending church? Also what should we do if someone in Church hurts us emotionally. Also why do non-believers seem to want to share their 'wisdom' with me of all people.


Answer to Question 92


If you are sick then you are sick and no one is going to judge you for not going to Church. We don't keep a register with who comes and who doesn't, God knows your physical abilities and I'm sure he doesn't judge anyone who intended to go, but couldn't because of an illness. As for someone hurting us emotionally, it depends how and with what intent they hurt us. Was it a passing comment that he or she didn't give a second thought to, but you took it personally? This happens very often because we don't think before we open our big mouths. In a case like this the best thing is to let it pass and be forgotten. If on the other hand somebody deliberately said something to intentionally hurt you then if it was me I would ask that person directly why he/she is behaving so unchristian like. I would also tell the priest of their nastiness so that he can talk to the person and maybe discover the reason for the nastiness and maybe correct them.


Same member


It was more deliberate, but I ignored it until he said it the second time, it was a 'worker' in the alter, he said "even if you waited to enter heaven at the gate the gate will not open" I chose to forgive him because I was in church.




So what does he know? Yes I think you did the right thing, ignore and forgive his ignorance and righteous mentality.