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Question 9.

I would also like to know, once a person is married in a Orthodox Church and wishes to get divorced, what's the way to do this .?


Answer to Question 9.


Iím not sure of the procedure in England so I can only comment on how divorces are issued in Cyprus. Up to a few years ago it was necessary to has two court divorces, the civil court divorce and the ecclesiastical (church) court divorce, both represented with lawyers. In recent years the Church has stopped the ecclesiastical court divorce and people need only attend the civil court divorce. Once this has been issued, the Church will automatically give the ecclesiastical divorce.


Answer from another priest in England


You'd have to go/ call up our Archdiocese and talk to them about the procedure. As far as I'm aware the process is not overly complicated, though do bear in mind that the position of the Church is always to initially try to reconcile the couple. Having said that, each case is treated with love and respect and in its own "merits".