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Question 8.

Good morning father. I read and understood the answer in the question off cremation. But why is it in Greece we bury are loved one's and then after 3 years we dig then up. Why can't the church stop this. Are they not orthodox.

By another member

Yes I am interested in this as when I went to visit my auntie in Greece she was buried, but others were dug up and bones were stored in boxes I was told this was because they could not afford to be buried ? Not sure if it's true ?


Answer to Question 8.


Greece truly has a problem with their cemeteries, the burial plots are only leased for a few years and then the bones are dug up and place in an Ostiothiki (reliquary). The problem has to do with space. There just simply isnít enough room anymore, unless they keep making new cemeteries, but where is the land?