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Question 79.

Can a child be christened in a Church of England ceremony and blessed in the Greek Orthodox Church?


Answer to Question 79.


This is something that I have been asked many times and also for weddings if the Orthodox Church will give a blessing to a couple married in the Church of England or the Catholic Church. The Orthodox Church doesn't do blessings she performs the Sacraments and truthfully I have no idea what a blessing involves. Are you asking if the Church will give her approval because you baptised your child in a church that she considers heretical? Giving blessings is a modern invention of western churches supposedly as a compromise and to please families from mixed marriages, but if one believes that his/her Church is the true church then how can this very same church give her blessing to anything performed in another church she considered as false. If someone is not baptized as a member of the Orthodox Church then they can have no participation in her sacraments neither can they receive her blessings.