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Question 77.

Hi, I have a bit of a strange question which I've thought about a lot in my 36 years, My christening certificate says andrea but my birth certificate says nicola..... this has always confused me, is this a common thing or am I alone in this, when I pass will I be andrea or nicola in heaven?


Answer to Question 77.


This is indeed very common. A common story would be the following: Your legal name was given you at your birth and if as Cypriot tradition dictates, you were probably named after one of your grandparents. Between that time and your baptism, you probably had a health problem and your mother vowed to name you after St. Andrew if he interceded and made you well. I had a man in my parish with the exact same names. He was named Nicholas and was also baptized Nicholas, but at some time in his infancy he became very ill and his mother dedicated him to St. Andrew. Thus he grew up with everyone believing that his name was Andreas. When he used to come for communion I would say the servant of God Andreas partaketh of the Body and Blood of Christ and he would correct me saying that his name was Nicholas. When it came to religious matters he preferred to be called by the name he was baptised. When he died I referred to him as Nicholas throughout the Funeral service and everyone was puzzled because all his life he was known as Andreas. But it doesn't really matter whether you're Andrea or Nicola, God knows who you are.