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Question 69.

Hello Father l would like to ask you a question . We are Greek Orthodox my daughter married a lovely Spanish man they married in orthodox & Catholic churches when my daughter had her daughter's we christened them both orthodox & Catholic , yesterday my youngest grandchild had her 1st holy communion in the Catholic Church . I thought it was wrong as she does take her children to the Greek church for communion many times . I told her it was wrong the first time she did it Am l right 


Answer to Question 69.


Sadly this happens when people marry outside of their own church. It shows a lack of understanding of one’s own faith and a willingness to sacrifice the truth for the sake of pleasing both sides. You say that they got married in both churches which means neither of them take their faith seriously, because if they did neither would have agreed to put his or her faith aside to please the family. This was not enough that they also christened their children in both churches so now the children have no idea where their faith should be Orthodox or Roman Catholic. Many people say it doesn’t matter because we’re both Christian, but we have very many differences with the Catholic Church which if you knew you would think that we worship different Gods. The damage has been done, but they should decide now that the children are still young whether they want their children to be brought up as Orthodox or Catholic, they can’t be both.  As for them taking communion in the Catholic church, we do not accept the catholic priesthood so for us they cannot have the true Body and Blood of our Lord. What your granddaughters partook of was a wafer and nothing more.