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Question 68.

Is it possible for priests to do a blessing of the wedding rings as like a wedding renewal if you would like to call it? 


Answer to Question 68.


The Orthodox Church doesn't have anything like this because simply we don't have wedding rings. The rings are part of the Betrothal service or as is commonly called the Engagement, that is why we call them Aravones. The Orthodox join the couple together with the Crowning service. But why would anyone want to renew their wedding? Has it gone bad and needs to be refreshed? Even if you got divorced and then decided to remarry the same person the rings and the crowns are not used again. They were blessed the first time round and blessings don't have an expiring date and have to be renewed. The marriage is reunified just by a short prayer. Don't allow yourselves to be influenced by modern Catholic practices. If you want to renew your marriage invite your family and friends and have a celebration party asking God to continue blessing your marriage with many more years of happiness peace and love.