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Question 58.

Father, how do you feel about people who go to church to ask for forgiveness whilst breaking every bit of our teachings?


Answer to Question 58.


Many people go to church and have no idea of what their church teaches. That is no excuse they should know and should find the time to educate themselves, but we are all human and every single one of us fails to live according to the Gospels and the teachings of the church. The fact that they go to church seeking forgiveness is good, but spiritually they are at a standstill and if they wish to become more spiritual they need to practice the Christian life in their daily and social life and not only when they go to church. Personally I don't judge anyone, I look at myself and ask how good a priest am I? I know what the church teaches and have even spent time as a novice monk. I therefore should be perfect but I'm not and so I have no right to judge. I can only look at myself and accuse myself as being a hypocrite.