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Question 412

I asked the priest in the church why Ayios Gerasimos body has not decomposed and he told me that he won't as he is a saint. How is that pater? That is why atheist have to believe as it's the power of God.  



Answer to Question 412


Many saints bodies have not decomposed, others have decomposed but their bones emit a sweet fragrance while others bring forth myron. These are all signs that the Lord has sanctified their bodies and a sign to the faithful that the person has the heavenly blessing to belong to the rank of saints. As for atheists, there are many signs for them to believe but they choose to close their eyes to these signs lest they be converted and believe. This is also a sign to the Protestant rejection of the saints and their argument that we need only pray to Jesus. If this is so then God would not give these qualities to the bodies of his saints, but the fact that he does clearly tells us that he wants us to pray to them and give reverence to them. Revering the saints gives glory to God for God is wonderful in the saints.