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Question 408

Hello, from a religious perspective this is something I struggle with . Why is it I have had so many premonitions and they all come true? Surely there is an element of our lives that are written? 30 years ago I dreamed my yaiyai was sat in my first ever car . 10 years ago I was out and on spur of moment saw a car i wanted cheap . 2 mins later my yaiyai with my dad turn up out the blue and sat in the same clothing I dreamt her in  I dreamed for many years of a small bus with a P on the front that would drive inside my estate.. many . Years later a small bus p5 would start a service through my estate..the only bus I know who is calling me before I pick up and look at my phone. Every time  I dreamt of M&ms world store in Leicester sq London years b4 it would have been thought about  I saw the terrorist attack in France the day b4 it happened in a dream  Even if I get an unusually large amount of post I dream of it and there it is the next morning . I know it sounds nuts. And I believe in free will. According to the bible. So why is this? I feel so weird



Answer to Question 408


 I can't explain the dreams and premonitions other than to say some people do have them. But you seem to associate them as something that goes against our free will. Premonition does not mean predestination and that whatever is going to happen will happen. I think the comments of others to your question clearly shows that a premonition also involves free will because many had the insight to change the outcome.