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Question 404

My question Pater is, what is the best way of learning my faith.. basic birth and death of Christ and his Apostles, I know, I would like to learn more. Thank you. 



Answer to Question 404


 As Christians the first thing we must know is what the New Testament teaches so reading the Gospels in the first priority. But reading the Bible doesn't automatically mean that we will understand what is written. We need therefore to learn more by reading other books and hearing what the church teaches. There are many good Orthodox books on many spiritual subjects and there are many orthodox priests on you tube who have many sermons you can listen to in English. Knowledge increases our faith and we never stop learning. Going to Church services also helps as increase our faith even though we might not understand what is being said, but again there are service books in Greek and English which you can follow. If you don't understand something then find a priest and ask him questions. Most priests are only to willing to help. If not then you can always bombard me with your questions