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Question 397

Why every time I close my eyes and sleep on my back I am awoken by a loud growling sound. Like a lion or tigers growl. Very angry sounding. Heard it when I was awake once too. As a child I had recurrent nightmares of a very tall man all in black on a very tall black horse and I used to say Mary and Jesus in Greek 3 times and i used to defeat it but it often came to me for many years now I'm terrified to sleep on my back because I feel I'm hounded by dark supernatural things. My priest isn't taking me seriously I think 



Answer to Question 397


I too cannot sleep on my back and wake up as if I'm choking. Your problem could be associated with your nightmare and the fear of falling asleep, but it is more likely because sleeping on our backs slightly closes the air passage and snoring becomes louder which would account for the lion and tiger growl. As for the nightmare, if you were hounded by dark supernatural things then it wouldn't matter if you were sleeping on your back or on your side. The problem therefore seems to be with sleeping on your back. You can record yourself sleeping and see if the problem is snoring or you might be suffering from a sleep disorder called Apnea where breathing stops and starts. You can ask your doctor for a test to eliminate this as a reason.  


Same member

I've done all that. And I don't snore. It is s genuine growl. The kind only a large animal can make I also get awful violent dreams I used to see demons with horns in the house every day. I usually see and hear things others cannot I also see my dead relatives in dreams often  I have also seen a vision of Jesus who sat me on his lap put his arm around me. But before this happened I travelled through an icon of saint Irene St. Raphael through a great light. I then saw the virgin Mary in all her glory . Her icon covered a few miles wide The supernatural attacks were getting bad at the time they were trying to protect me. Nobody is taking me seriously  



I think it's not a case of whether people are taking you serious or not, but we must eliminate all other causes before we can surely say it is a supernatural and evil attack. From what you say it is not all evil as you have had visions of Christ, the Mother of God and certain saints. That to me is a special blessing. To many people stories like these sound like fables, but in all my years as a priest I have seen genuine demonic attacks on people, but none that could not be stopped. Your first priority is to call in a priest to perform the blessing of the waters (Agiasmo) and to read the prayer of Vaskania. What you can do for yourself is to read a chapter from the Holy Gospels every night before going to sleep. When I say Holy Gospels I mean only the Gospels of Matthew, Mark, Luke and John. This will protect you from evil influences as demons cannot bear to hear the Word of our Lord.