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Question 396

My father in law died in Greece. His 40 days falls on the 22/7. But was told we have to do it the week before. Why? Can I do him another one on the 22 July. I live in London. 



Answer to Question 396


There is absolutely no reason why it cannot be done on the 22/7. The only reason I can think of is that maybe the church you asked is having a special celebration with a visiting bishop and wants to finish early without mnymosina. Ask again for the reason and if they insist then try another church, but definitely no reason for not allowing mnymosina on that date. 


Same member

thank you. There is only one church in the village.


Below is what St. Basil the Great has to say on killing in battle. It is numbered amongst his canons, it is not a compulsory canon, but rather, only makes a suggestion. 



You said you lived in London. Do you mean the village in Greece? If the church is dedicated to Mary Magdalene then they will be having a special celebration or even The Prophet Elias who celebrates on the 20th but maybe they are postponing the feast until the Sunday so that more people can attend.