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Question 394

If the church forbids freemasonry, secret societies, making oaths and war, how does it explain its connection with the group 'Philiki Etairia' which was masonic and actively initiating people with oaths to join the secret societies in the revolution movements from 1821 right up to the struggle of 1955-59... I'm not saying any if this was wrong in any way, I'm just asking... 



Answer to Question 394


I have to admit that I don't know anything about the group 'Philiki Etairia'. I do know that some bishops in the past were members of masonic groups and even today many still are. Not every bishop or priest is spiritual and as human beings many will use every means to attain a position of power. I had a email a few years ago from a priest in America who was persecuted by Orthodox bishops because he refused to accept free masonry, and in the end had to leave the Greek church and join himself to the Antiochian Church. I'm not sure what else I can say on the subject, free masonry does exist with many of our hierarchy around the world, but that is their choice and hopefully it doesn't infiltrate to the people at large.