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Question 391

I have a question Pater , If someone wants to take holy communion but needs to take medication before, is this allowed ?


Answer to Question 391


It depends on the medication. If it has to be taken at a precise particular time then of course it must be taken. I am on about 20 pills a day, but always take my morning pills after communion. We in Cyprus do not really have a problem because church starts so early and is finished by 9.30am so the delay is not life threatening. In England the situation is different because they start late and finish near to lunchtime. I think the best thing if someone is concerned about when to take their medication is to talk with their doctor. If he says that medication must come first then that is the answer. Some medication must also be accompanied with food so if the doctor says eat and then medication, this also applies. What we put in our stomachs will not effect Christ, but it is always best if possible to let Christ be the first to enter our mouths before other things.