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Question 389

Are we allowed to go to old calendar churches?


Answer to Question 389


 The Old Calendarist are a schismatic church who broke away from the Orthodox Church and as such we are not in communion with them or they with us. We share the same faith and theology but that is all. You can enter an Old Calendarist Church and sit down and even pray as God is in all places, but be aware than they do not want you there, if they knew that you were a member of the Orthodox Church they would probably ask you to leave and they would never enter our churches or kiss the icons in our churches because they believe that we are void of the Holy Spirit and it would be an act of betrayal to their own church. 


Apart from a wedding, baptism or funeral, why would someone want to go to one of their churches when we have so many of our own? There would be no point in attending a Divine Liturgy in an Old Calendarist Church because as already said we are not in communion with each other so one cannot and should not approach for holy communion