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Question 38.

I have recently been asked to be godmother to a young lady who was baptised as a baby in the Greek Orthodox church in Greece. She has no contact with her godparents and would like me (a close family friend) to be her godmother. Is this acceptable?


Answer to Question 38.


I'm not sure I understood the question. If the young lady was baptized as a baby she cannot be baptized again, but if you mean to take on the role of the absent godmother then I cannot see anything wrong with this. 


Same member


Yes, she would like me to take on the role but it seems a bit meaningless to me if it hasn't been blessed in church. Can we ask for a blessing? What are your thoughts on this?




There is no blessing for such a thing. If you feel that it is meaningless then just be a good auntie, but I think the young lady wants to call someone Nouna. We have adoptions for children when we cannot have our own children, so why not have an adopted goddaughter who would become your spiritual daughter?