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Question 378

I've split with my children's father but would like to get them christened... My son has various health issues and wouldn't cope being put in the holy water would an alternative be possible for him. Further do all God parents have to be Greek orthodox?  



Answer to Question 378


I have many questions, why haven't your children been baptized, what was your husband's religion if any, how old are your children, how old is your son and what is his health problem? 


Same member

Until now my son who's 3 and a half hasn't been very stable and constantly in and out of hospital... he has 10 heart problems and lung disease. My daughter is 14 months and the children's dad is church of England



Firstly to baptise your children you need the consent of their father. You may be separated but he is still their father and is entitled to say want happens to his children unless you get total custody rights. As for your son's health problem talk this over with his doctor and with the priest. Every priest has his own idea of what constitutes a proper baptism but it is possible the priest will accept to just pour water over his head, As for Godparents they do not necessarily have to be Greek but they must be Orthodox.