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Question 356

Good morning father, my dad who has sadly died now was orthodox and had a orthodox burial in the UK. My mother is English and happy to say is still with us and wants to be buried with dad but she is not orthodox as she was christened church of England but since being married to my dad has always followed the orthodox faith bringing her children up (me) as orthodox. My question is what does she have to do ? Does she have to be baptised orthodox she is 78 now     



Answer to Question 356


I am not sure of the burial procedures in the UK or the allotment of graves, but I would assume that the areas allotted to the Orthodox Church are reserved only for Orthodox. May I suggest that as your mum has followed the Orthodox faith for many years, that she makes an application to be received into the church. In England this is a very simple ceremony. As someone from the Church of England she will not be baptized but will be received through a 5 minute service called Chrismation where she will be anointed with Holy Myron (oil) on certain places on her face, hands and feet.