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Question 350

I have a few question to ask about the creation of man when God made Adam and Eve who by what the Bible says was the first man and woman on earth if we all came from them then that means there children slept with each other and I know that is a sin in Godís eyes and mankindís so what is the true story there?    



Answer to Question 350


 Cain and Abel were born just after Adam and Eve were exiled from Paradise, and we are not told of another pregnancy until Seth who was born when Adam was 230 years old. So we may ask did Adam and Eve not have other children until more than two hundred years had passed? It seems very unlikely. They would have had many children between the firstborn mentioned and Seth, but they are not mentioned because they do not play a direct role in the plan of salvation. Up to when Seth was born, Adam and Eve probably had great, great, great grandchildren and probably even more descendants if we take into account that each generation is 25-30 years. Thus when Cain was banished from the land of his parents, he left with all his household which included his wife, children, grandchildren and other descendants.


Cain taking his sister as his wife may be termed as incest, but that was how God ordained it [that all men should be the offspring off one couple - Adam and Eve]. It was not a sin (unlawful) because God willed that the entire Human race should come from one man and one woman. In should be noted that as yet there was no law forbidding such a thing. The law came after when the earth had been multiplied and even then it allowed marriage between first cousins. To this day it is lawful for Jews and Muslims to marry their first cousins because their religious laws allows them. Abraham was married to his half sister but he lived in a time when the law did not exist, so there was nothing to accuse him that it was wrong. The law was given at a later time to Moses which did away with incest relationships. Then and only then were incest relationships forbidden and therefore considered unlawful.