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Question 342

Good morning pater. My husband is baptized Catholic and we married in an orthodox church I have been told that he cannot be buried in our cemetery. Can I be buried in his; we live in Cyprus ?  



Answer to Question 342


This is indeed a problem faced by many mixed marriage couples. I'm not sure but the cemeteries don't belong to the Church anymore but to the local authorities and they have a responsibility to provide a certain area of the cemetery for the burial of non-Orthodox. But again the cemeteries don't belong to the church, but they have been granted control over them. I'm sure the Catholic church would allow you to be buried in their cemetery, but would the Orthodox church carry out the funeral service and give you an Orthodox burial in a Catholic cemetery? You need to ask this question at you local Metropolis. Another way round this so that you can be buried together is for your husband to become Orthodox.