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Question 34.

Father, over the last few days there were several debates on religion and politics mixing, what is our churches stance on this subject, and do you think its right that the church should take sides. 


Answer to Question 34.


This is difficult to answer. In theory the church shouldn't get involved in politics but then neither should politicians get involved with ecclesiastical problems. But history has shown us that this can't be helped. In Cyprus the church played an important role in the fight against the British which brought about the independence of Cyprus. Also there are important issues that politicians make that can have a negative effect on the people. The church cannot just sit back and not do anything, she has the right to intervene and protect the rights of her children. If at times the church didn't speak up then this would have been interpreted that she is unconcerned with the outcome of her people and the country as a whole.


Same member


Well said father thank you maybe this will out to rest all the arguments we have here, just one more thing where do you stand on priests promoting any political parties ? 




 Priests should not be seen as taking an active role in elections, they should stick to preaching the Gospel. There are political parties that claim to be atheist and have spoken against the church many times. I think many priests see them as a threat to religious society and take up sides with parties that are sympathetic to the church, but if they have the need to promote a certain party they should do this discreetly and never in public.