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Question 332

Pater, Can you explain what Born again Christian means? 



Answer to Question 332


The term “born again” or more correct “born of above” should not be confused with the religious movement of Born Again Christians. It signifies a birth different to the physical birth, a spiritual birth and this is what we believe about baptism, that we are reborn in the Spirit. The religious movement of Born again Christians does not necessarily mean baptism but a spiritual awakening which would then be followed up with a baptism.  Basically anyone from any denomination can be a Born again Christian although we usually find them belonging to the Evangelical movement. Individuals who profess to be "born again" often claim that they have had a spiritual awakening, a rebirth which has given them a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. Their beliefs are protestant in nature relying on the literal interpretation of the Bible and not accepting any other interpretation from the fathers or tradition (sola scriptura) and the belief that they are saved only through faith and not by works (sola fide). All they need to do is say they believe in Jesus Christ and this is enough for them to be saved.