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Question 330

Should (or are) people who give up our Orthodox faith and, for example, become born again Christians or otherwise, be allowed to re-enter our church?





Answer to Question 330


The Church teaches repentance and no one is turned away that repents and wants to return to the One true Holy and Apostolic Church. Depending on what leaving and returning to the church means, there is a short service where the person is Chrismated (Myroma) again and becomes a full member of the church as he was at baptism.  


Same member

 Thank you Pater, I actually meant those who have left our Orthodox religion, and remain in a converted religion but still go to our church for christenings or weddings only. In some cases these people do not want anyone to know they have left our Orthodox and go to our church. I am aware of some that do this and find it frustrating.



We allow people from other religions to enter our church for baptisms and weddings. Many people have friends who are Church of England or Catholic not to mention Muslim or Hindu. We have no restrictions in allowing non Orthodox to enter but we do not let them partake of our sacraments. The truth is how can we restrict anyone? We cannot ask everyone to prove they are Orthodox before allowing them in. Even when people come for Holy Communion, we cannot be sure if they are Orthodox or not, especially in our times when so many people of other races has embraced the Orthodox Church. If we have our suspicions then we ask them if they are orthodox and if they answer that they are then we must take their word for it.