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Question 33.

Last week you answered a question about second and third marriages can you clarify for me what is different in the ceremony from a 1st marriage 


Answer to Question 33.


I didn't answer this question last week because it was answered by another priest who was helping out. My answer will not be the same as his and ask that he doesn’t take this as me undermining what he said. 

If only one of the spouses is entering a second marriage and the other is entering a first marriage then the normal wedding service takes place. But if both the husband and wife are entering a second marriage then the service is slightly different and has a penitential character. The prayers mention that it is because of your sins.  The priests last week mentioned that “There is no crowning. Stefana are placed on their shoulders and not on their heads.”  It is true that the Service book mentions at the beginning of the service that One who marries for a second time is not crowned.  But then further on adds:  Strictly speaking it is not permissible for those who marry for a second time to be crowned: the custom of the Great Church does not disregard such things, but nevertheless bestows marriage crowns on those who marry for a second and on those who do so for a third time.  So although strictly speaking according to the canons crowns should not be used for second marriages, but the church as an act of Economia "a leniency" allows crowns to be used not only for second marriages but also for third.


Same member


Thank you for clarifying for me but is that the rule within all churches or is it up to the priest if he carries out the marriage




This is the rule normally accepted by all Orthodox churches. Errors are sometimes made because some priest never bother to read the small print in red ink which gives clear instructions on what a priest should do.