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Question 329

I have a question for you can you explain what the eye in the picture represents?



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Answer to Question 329


I can only assume that it represents the all-seeing eye of God. There was a time when many such icons were popular, but this is during a decadent period of iconography. Personally I don't like it, it reminds me of an Icon we had at home when we were young which had this eye on the top followed by some people being carried off to heaven while others were being carried off by demons to hell. As a child it was frightening and as a grown up I had a nightmare of this icon where the demon came alive out of the icon. 


Another member

 It is very close to the illuminati all seeing eye

Another member

 Pater, is the eye in a triangle not also a Masonic symbol?



It is, but in this case I don't think it's has anything to do with the Illuminati. The triangle is symbolic of the Holy Trinity