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Question 328

Death to me is final there is nothing after, how can a person die at 18yrs and if I die at 90yrs old are we resurrected at these ages?         


Answer to Question 328


Heaven exists in a different time zone from this world. The soul likewise is ageless and does not have an earthy age, only the body ages and dies, so even though you might die at 90 and your son died at 18, both your souls are the same in eternity. You say that death is final, does that mean that you donít have any hope that you will ever see your son again in any afterlife?  If you could allow yourself to believe that death is not the end of life then there will be hope of seeing your son again and it will help you in your grieving and help to calm your anger over what happened. 


Same member

 No I believe I won't see him again but I suppose I hope I'm proved wrong , I understand people believe in God and this helps them and that's good for them but I don't I just can't see how there is a heaven or God and the death of my son doesn't change that maybe deep down I wished it did



I think in time you will believe. You cannot see it in yourself, but I can see a great change in you from last year. You needed time to come to terms with what happened and although you may never understand it, you have started to heal. You went through every parent's nightmare and it was only natural that someone had to be responsible for your great loss. You put all the blame on God by denying that there is a God. God doesn't mind us blaming him, at least it shows that deep down we still believe in him. Last year you were not ready to ask questions, but I told you that at whatever time you feel ready I will be here to answer them. I don't have all the answers and maybe cannot answer them to your satisfaction, but if at anytime you wish to ask something I am here for you