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Question 321

Morning Pater, I have a very silly question. There is a point in the usual Sunday church service where everyone bows down and some kneel to the floor. What does this part of the service represent? I always give my thanks during this part for all my blessings but I don’t know the significance and if I should be doing something different?      


Answer to Question 321


It is not a silly question. I can only think that the moment you are referring to is at the Great Entrance when the priest carries the Paten and Chalice from the Prothesis in procession around the temple to place them on the Holy Table. As the Priests proceeds through the nave, he exclaims in a loud voice: “May the Lord God remember all of you in his kingdom, always, now and for ever: world without end.” We bow asking God to remember us in his kingdom just like he remembered the thief that was crucified with Christ and through his confession was the first to be accepted into God's Kingdom. We bow, but never kneel on Sundays because we always celebrate the resurrection on Sundays. Kneeling has a mournful character and is not allowed for the joyful character of the resurrection.