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Question 318

Hello Pater, what is the procedure for a grown up man, who has not been baptized before, to be christened into our Church, so he can then be married in our Church? many thanks.        


Answer to Question 318


That depends on what faith he belongs to before and where the baptism will take place. If he was Roman Catholic or Church of England or a church that recognizes the Holy Trinity and was christened in that church then the Orthodox Church in England will receive him only with the service of Chrismation (Myroma). If he has not been baptized in any church then he will be received through baptism, preceded by a few catechism lessons. In Limassol, regardless if someone was previously christened in any church, all candidates must have catechism lessons and can only be received through baptism.


Same member

Thank you for your quick reply, he has not been baptized before, his mother was Catholic, but the father was not religious, so didn't bother getting the child baptized.


Another member

 Do you mean confirmation Πατερ?



Yes, it is equivalent to the Catholic service of Confirmation, but we call it Chrisma or Myroma. The actual service is called "The service for those returning to the orthodox Church"


Same member

Confirmation as you mentioned above for the Catholics or Protestants allowing them to have holy communion in the Orthodox Church



According to the canons of the Church someone coming from another denomination must be baptized but the service of Chrismation is an economia of the Church allowing people coming from the Roman Catholic church and Church of England to be received into the Orthodox Church meaning that they are allowed to have Holy Communion and participate in the sacraments of the Church. It is not the ideal and not practiced by everyone, for example it is not acceptable practice on Mount Athos and we do not accept it in Limassol. But most bishops in England and America give their blessing to receive people only with Chrismation. If you want to know more read a talk I gave on the subject: