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Question 312

Pater can I ask how true is it..that you can take holy wine after 12 o'clock midnight on Christ's Resurrection day .without confession     


Answer to Question 312


By holy wine I'm sure you mean Holy Communion - the Precious Body and Blood of Christ. This is a question that many people asks us priests every year and probably the most difficult to answer because the answer is yes and no. The belief that everyone can approach for Holy Communion on Pascha night is based on a sermon written by St. John Chrystostom in the 4th century and which is read out on Easter night in all the churches before Communion. It would take too long to explain to you everything in this comment, but if you are truly interested in an answer then I would ask you to read a talk I gave a few years ago on this very subject. It is a long talk, but it will help you to understand why people say that everyone can partake of Holy Communion on Easter night. Go to: