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Question 311

Good afternoon Pater, My question is a bit absurd even by my standards...  Recently I've noticed a lot of people from our community believing in this flat earth theory that's all over the internet that claims the earth is flat with the earth n moon revolving around the earth...  Personally I think its nonsense because the earth is a globe & we live in a solar-centric system... The reason I'm asking you this question is because these people who believe this flat earth nonsense keep claiming its the position of the Church & the Bible...     


Answer to Question 311


I have never heard of this new/old theory of the earth being flat, it must be a new religious sect trying to get noticed. As they claim it is the position of the church and the bible, it would help if they name which church they mean and gives us the chapter and verse in the Bible that supports their claim  


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It seems to have appeared recently... Started in the USA as most of these ideas do... Its suprising how many are following this nonsense...  About a week ago, there was only 3 of us outnumbered by about 6 or 7 who believe this nonsense...  It seems to be across all denominations because its appearing everywhere...  The people I've had this disagreement with were all Orthodox Christians..  If you Google 'flat earth' you'll see loads of this nonsense on Google web, Google images etc...



Well that was a really good laugh, I checked out the flat earth theory and the only "religious"quotes that might support their claim is from the Qu'ran and not the Bible. [So] they ask you about the mountains, so say, "My Lord will blow them away with a blast. And He will leave the earth a level plain; you will not see therein any crookedness or any curve." 20:105 - 107, Qur'an. It's amazing how many stupid and gullible people there are in the world. 

I've just been reading comments from the "The flat earth society" facebook page, it is so hilarious


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Exactly... Its not worth taking serious at all... Its just suprising how many people follow these nonsense trends... It will probably be triangle after they get bored with it being flat lol.  But you're right, it is hilarious