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Question 31.

Good evening father Christopher, when I was about 15/16, my friend invited me to go to Catholic Church service. I had never been so I went. The service was nice and when she went to get holy communion she said I should go. So I did. I thought I wasn't doing anything wrong. It was just that one time. Is this forbidden by our church


Answer to Question 31.


We have very many differences with the Catholic Church which if you knew you would think that we worship different Gods. You were 15/16 at the time and couldn’t discriminate between right from wrong. The church doesn’t punish people when they make mistakes but helps them to understand the mistake and to not do it again. We all make mistakes, but what is most important in the spiritual life is that we learn from our mistakes which will help strengthen us and help us to progress up the spiritual ladder.  As for taking communion in the Catholic church, we do not accept the catholic priesthood so for us they cannot have the true Body and Blood of our Lord. What you partook of was a wafer and nothing more. The error that you made is if you actually believed it was the body and blood of Christ.