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Question 301

Good morning pater I have a question, next week its my fathers mnimosino my mum does the kolifa and the church service in the UK and I do the trisagio here in Cyprus since his wish was to be buried in Cyprus, do I have to make kolifa too or do I have to do something else for him? Oh and also can you tell me what I have to do for the year one since they are all coming over here for that thank you and have a nice day. 


Answer to Question 301


Good morning, You don't have to make kolyva for the trisagion, but you can if you prefer. For the yearly mnimosino you will need to take a tray of koliva to church with a prosphoron. It is usual after the service for the family and friends to get together for breakfast and so you will need to provide savories and cakes tea/coffee. On such occasions most people are willing to help make something for the memorial breakfast eg. tiropitta, spanachopitta, eliopitta, bourekia, etc.


Same member

Does it have to be xrisokolifa for the year?



No, xrisokolifa are the silver sweets some people add to the kolyva and adds sugar to the kolyva which many people avoid because of sugar related illnesses. traditional kolyva are always the best option.