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Question 300

Father last question what is the meaning of Life 


Answer to Question 300


You actually think this is a hard question, but it's very simple. The meaning of life - Man was created in the image and likeness of God. Man's aim is to strive through learning about life to learn the meaning of Christ like love and through this to be united with God and become a God by grace. It is the final end for which man was created: to be united in oneness with God. As a quick and simple answer, Man was created for union with God and the purpose of this life is to attain this union. But what does this actually mean? The Orthodox Church believes that man, by using his free will in cooperation with Godís will can attain this goal of union with God and become a god by grace. This belief is not something invented by the Church: it is a solid doctrine based on scriptural testimony found in the New Testament.


Same member

So you don't have to be a priest to achieve this, the reason I say this is that we sin so much more than a man/woman of the church



Everyone sins and priest are no exception. The post I put up for Sunday's feast had to do with the meaning of life, but if your want to know more on the subject of how man can become a god by grace then you would do well to read the following: