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Question 290

Pater how can I tell if a bible I bought is real or fake because the one I bought doesn't have a cross on the front?  


Answer to Question 290


I don't know if there are real or fake Bibles, but there are good or bad translations. A cross on the front doesn't guarantee that it is real. Look inside and it will tell you what translation it is. For English I prefer the old King James Version, but for many this is a bit archaic and prefer a more modern translation. No translation is 100% and so many of the modern versions have been so loosely translated that they miss the true interpretations. Keep in mind also that for the Old Testament the Orthodox Church uses the Septuagint version which is very different from the translations readily available in English. You probably won't find the Septuagint in bookshops like WH Smiths, but in more specialized bookshops like Foleys.