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Question 288

I know we the Greek Orthodox says  when one door closes another opens. I keep asking to my self God why me.


Answer to Question 288


From what you say it's as though you blame God for all the troubles and evils in your life and that God keeps sending you trouble. This is because you don't understand that God is love and doesn't send either troubled or illnesses, but when they do come our way we can say that God allows it for our salvation even f we do not understand his reasoning. Every prayer directed to God in faith is answered. This does not mean that what is asked is always given, for God knows better than the person who prays what is good for him.


Most people only remember that there is a God when they are in need of something, and usually resort to prayer when they suffer from some sort of ailment, when someone close to them is ill, when they are in trouble, when they need financial help, when they apply for a new position, in general when they have need of something worldly. At all other times they rarely think of God and live their lives without God and prayer. On those rare occasions when they resort to prayer they expect God to respond by answering their prayers. If he doesnít then that affects their belief in him and often people lose faith and say God didnít help me when I needed him. Prayer from this point of view is not prayer at all.


I do not know your problems so can't answer you on a more personal level. I did post a series of articles in this group a couple of weeks ago which covered all the questions of Why God, why me, why don't you intervene and many more whys. I don't expect you to find them as they are far to down the newsreel, but if you want to be more specific in your question or if you want to pm me I will try to give a more personal and honest answer to your question.