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Question 281

Is it true that christian priests and their followers destroyed temples and sculptures all over the Greek and Roman world to hide the fact that pre christian people were just as happy and creative worshipping their gods, and that the judeo christian god is a nasty jealous vindictive god that has changed nothing except for instilling fear and the murder of millions of non- believers. 


Answer to Question 281


You make it sound that priests went around with a sledge hammer smashing everything that was opposed to the Christian faith. There are stories from the early saints like the Apostles and their disciples where through their prayers temples to pagan gods and statues were brought down, but they didn't raise a finger to help in the destruction. The only conclusion is that the temples were destroyed by God himself. If God, out of love for mankind, performed these acts to help bring people to the worship of the true God and to help them find eternal salvation, does that make him a nasty jealous vindictive God? These accusations are just Atheists propaganda material which try to dishonour the Christian faith, but as always the facts have been twisted to make God appear as some evil deity that instills fear in the hearts of people to make them worship him or else.