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Question 278

I want to say since I lost my mother it bothers me why do we have to lose our loved ones and in so much pain that last moments stay with us and I am suffering bringing those moments in my head ... I go to church but I find that my faith is not strong enough this is a sin but that's how i feel ..I just don't understand life and why we are here and suffer all different ways and then die


Answer to Question 278


There is so much suffering in the world that justifiably people ask why does God allow it. We find it easy to blame God for illnesses and death yet God did not create death, death is evil and there is no possible way for evil to proceed from God since God is only good. Neither does God take pleasure in destroying the living things he has created. I don't know if you have been following the daily posts I have been uploading on prayer. Today the subject will be on praying for the departed which might help you understand that when our loved ones depart from this life they do not cease to exist, but continue to live with Christ in a place free of earthly sufferings. From next week I will be posting articles on all the negative questions concerning why God allows evil to exist in the world? They should answer all your questions and also help you to understand why we are here and why we have to die.