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Question 276

Hello Pater, My beautiful daughter asked me a question whether her son is allowed to be baptised in the Greek Orthodox church . Reason for asking: she is a single young mother.


Answer to Question 276


There are no restrictions for someone to be baptised into the Orthodox faith. We don't ask for marriage certificates but we do ask that both parents are present at the baptism if the father is officially recognized on the birth certificate and if he has custody rights. This is because he might be of a different religion and might object to his child being baptised into the Orthodox Church. If he cannot be present then a signed declaration that he has no objections should suffice. If in doubt speak with the priest at your local church to verify if the father has to be present.


Same member

Thank you, unfortunately the father cannot be present. A signed declaration may be difficult to obtain. Thank you for your response. 



But does he have legal rights? 


Same Member

His name is not on the birth certificate



Then he has no legal rights and the baptism should not be a problem. If any priests gives you a hard time, come over to Cyprus and I will gladly do the service