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Question 275

Pater, is it a sin not to dissolve a Greek Orthodox marriage? Even though you know you'll never get married again in the Greek church?


Answer to Question 275


I'm not sure if I fully understand your question. It is not a sin to not dissolve a marriage but I think what you are asking is if you have separated and are now involved in a new relationship and are planning to get married again with a civil wedding without getting a Church divorce, is that a sin? If this is what you are asking then it may not be a sin but it might be illegal and you could be charged with bigamy. England might not officially recognize the Orthodox Church marriage because of some outdated British law concerning the Commonwealth countries, but the EU recognizes the Orthodox Church marriage and as England is still under the rules of the EU, it is best to get legal advice before planning any other form of wedding.


Same member

No pater, I'm asking do I have to dissolve my marriage in the Greek Orthodox Church? It's got nothing to do with a new relationship! I don't plan to get married ever again!



Ahh ok, then as long as you both have no plans to remarry in church then you can leave things as they are, but be aware that according to the church you are still married.