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Question 271

Hi pader, do you think ,there should be more of the liturgy in English as most people and the younger generation do not understand what is going on. Its a shame because the liturgy is so beautiful; a lot of the time I do not understand what is going on! You the chanters, the priest going in and out of the icon stand? People not knowing when to stand, sit down or when to make the sign of the cross? All very confusing.


Answer to Question 271


The Greek churches in England were established to cater for the Greeks who immigrated to England for a better life. I do not think that these existing Churches should now change from Greek to English, but as I have said before, I believe that it is time for a New Parish to be established that will cater for the younger generations in English. This will only come about if the younger generations really want it. It will not come about by demanding it. Its needs people to organise themselves and speak with the Archbishop. If he gives his blessing then the next step is to raise money to buy a church building which do not come cheap. Then it will need a priest who can carry out the services in English without a Greek accent. But this is just the beginning, there are many more problems that have to be overcome like finding people who can chant in English and translating all the services into English. If ever such a projects gets underway it will take quite a few years to accomplished. In the meantime there are Greek/English service books that one can follow so that you can understand what is happening during the Divine Liturgy. There are also a couple of parishes in London that offer English services on Saturdays, St Demetrios in Edmonton and the 12 Apostles in Brookman Park.