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Question 269

Good afternoon pater Christopher. Why are women penalized when they lose an unborn baby without choice?


Answer to Question 269


Whether giving birth or losing a pregnancy a woman must present herself before the priest so that he can read over her the prayers that will allow her again to attend church and partake of Holy Communion. The prayer for a miscarriage is the same as for an abortion. This is because in times of old even a miscarriage was considered an abortion and the fault of miscarrying was placed on the woman for not taking enough care of her body during the pregnancy. Today, with advanced medical knowledge, we know that many things can go wrong with a pregnancy even in the healthiest of women. Thus, because of the content of the prayer, many priest leave out the bits that accuse the woman that it was because of her sins. For now we only have this outdated prayer, but a new prayer should be written in line with the new understanding for miscarriages. But whether a miscarriage or an abortion, in both cases the woman should, after the 40days of purification, go to receive absolution.