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Question 255

 Good evening hope you are well pater I have a question when in Cyprus 2 years ago my cousin suggested a baraglisy for my grandchild who has been diagnosed with autism and did not speak .....what exactly is a baraglisy ? This took place in 'banayia dis ylossas' he is now 5and half and can talk often should this take place ?    


Answer to Question 255


A Paracleisis simply means Supplication and refers to special hymns and prayers offered on behalf of someone for their well being and healing. We can have a personal Paracleisis done at any time, but the Church does Paracleisis to the Mother of God everyday from the 1st to the 14th August. May I ask, did your grandson only start talking after the paracleisis?


Same member

His speech improved immensely.....the school noticed he spoke more than the other autistic children although a lot was repetition he does understand and asks questions. 



But of course he understands, autism does not mean retarded, but somehow their brain cannot cope with all the information in the same way as what we consider normal