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Question 25.

My question which may sound simple but why cant we all celebrate Easter together. I know its down to lunar movement but Christmas all Christians come together. The most sacred time is Easter how wonderful to pray together as one body. The power of prayer is amazing. To alleviate stresses of work and be able to unite with others is worth considering.  


Answer to Question 25.


 It is not only the Luna movement, but also the spring equinox, the date of the Jewish Passover (Pascha must come after) and the calendar we use. Greece and Cyprus both use the Gregorian Calendar while other Orthodox Countries use the older Julian Calendar which has a difference of 13 days. So that all Orthodox can celebrate Pascha at the same time it was decided that with the feast of Pascha we would all follow the date according to the Julian calendar. The Roman Catholic Church celebrates Pascha on a different date because they use the Gregorian calendar and because they do not take into account the Jewish Passover and some years actually celebrate Easter before the Jewish Passover. As for Christmas we do not all celebrate together, those who follow the Julian calendar celebrate 13 days after us.